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  • Newcastle Vasectomy has been providing vasectomies in the Newcastle area for over 20 years, initially with Dr Alan Sacco and now Dr Timothy Berwick. We perform vasectomies at New Lambton Family Practice (Formerly Elermore Vale General Practice).

  • Dr Berwick uses the no-scalpel vasectomy technique to minimise your pain and risk of complications

  • Vasectomy is very effective with over a 99% success rate

  • A vasectomy is the safest and most affordable form of permanent contraception

Vasectomy Information

  • Step one Attend an initial assessment
    This appointment is to provide you with information relating to your vasectomy, answer your questions and make sure that it is the right choice for you. A brief examination will be performed to ensure the procedure can be done under local anaesthetic


  • Step two – The vasectomy procedure

    • A small amount of local anaesthetic is administered using a very fine needle. This is no more uncomfortable than having a vaccination

    • A 5mm hole is opened in the scrotum

    • The vas deferens is then brought out of the scrotum, divided, a section removed and the ends cauterised and placed back into the scrotum

    • The tiny hole in the scrotal skin is left to heal as it does not need any stitches

    • The procedure is then repeated on the opposite side

    • We ask that you arrange someone to drive you home following the procedure

  • Step three – Recovery
    It is important that you rest after your vasectomy to minimise your chance of any swelling or bruising. We usually advise ice packs for the first 2 days after your procedure. You can return to work after a few days and sexual/physical activity in 5-7 days. Contraception must still be used for 3 months until you have a clear semen test.


  • Step four – Sperm count
    After 3 months, you will need to attend a semen analysis to ensure it is clear of sperm. We will contact you with the results.


Vasectomy Information


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  • Initial appointment $98 – (Medicare rebate of $41.40)
    Out of Pocket Expense: $56.60


  • Vasectomy $595.00 – (Medicare rebate of $215.00)

  • Out of Pocket Expense: $380.00

  • Total Out of Pocket Expense: $436.60

  • Will there be any changes to my erections/orgasm/ejaculate?

    • Sperm make up less than 5% of the ejaculate so you won’t notice any change to your volume. A vasectomy won’t affect your erections, sexual performance or sensation.

  • Can a vasectomy be reversed?

    • There are procedures that can be done to try and reverse a vasectomy however these are far from 100% successful. If you are having a vasectomy then it should be considered a permanent procedure.

  • When can I go back to work?

    • This depends on the physical demands of your work. We usually perform the procedure on Wednesdays so you can return to work on Monday

  • How long until I can have sex or exercise?

    • Usually 5-7 days and take it easy when returning to any type of physical activity.

  • How do I know if the vasectomy has worked?

    • A semen sample provided 3 months after your vasectomy confirms whether the vasectomy has been successful. Occasionally a second sample may need to be performed if the first is inconclusive.

  • What are the chances of the vasectomy not working?

    • Vasectomies are over 99% successful. The failure rate is likely to be less than 0.5%.

  • Are there different types of vasectomy?

    • Yes. Currently the gold standard technique is the no-scalpel technique which we perform. The no-scalpel technique has lower complication rates compared to a traditional vasectomy.

    • Open-ended vs close-ended vasectomy. This refers to whether the testicular end of the vas is left open. It was assumed that open-ended might result in less post-vasectomy pain however a large study showed that it made no difference. We perform a close-ended vasectomy to minimise failure rates. 

  • Can I have my vasectomy done under sedation?

    • We offer a very light sedation for your vasectomy along with the local anaesthetic. If you would like a general anaesthetic then you will need a referral for a urologist. 



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New Lambton Family Practice
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Ph: 02 49517 677


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Monday – Friday  8.30AM – 5.30PM

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